Comprehensive Health & Wellness Consulting

Consulting on healing, health & wellness.  Consults can start with a general inquiry or be directed by current experience.  Each consult will use some combination of digital media communication (zoom, email, facetime, etc.) to discuss and examine the needs of the time and the best strategies/tools to use.

The telemedicine consult can be used in many different ways.  Some common applications include:  Chinese Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutritional Counseling and Dietetics, Coaching and guidance in exercise physiology, qigong and meditation.   

With the telemedicine consult we gain the ability to work much more closely with each other.  My commitment in our collaboration is to hold and maintain the spatial integrity essential to what we call healing.  In return, I will ask much from you - I will ask you to let go of that which no longer seems to serve you.  I will ask you to make changes so that Life can work more fluidly through you.  Our work together isn't about hiding or suppressing, we will uncover everything and return it into Light.  

I stand ready and at your service.