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Removal of obstacles and obscuration

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine, and is one of the four primary pillars of Chinese Medicine along with acupuncture (including moxibustion), herbal medicine and medical massage or Tuina.  In each of these four pillars ‘healing’ is precipitated through balancing, vitalizing, and neutralizing irregularities and inconsistencies in the electromagnetic spectrum of the human bioform so that which is unconscious may become conscious, so that which is dark may be brought into the light of our conscious awareness. 

It is worth considering that ‘healing’ be described as ‘making conscious that which is currently unconscious.’  This process or evolution may or may not be seamless in the energetic aggregate of local manifestation.  Disruptions and imbalances can and do occur and result in relative disharmonies that distort and obstruct the free flow of the Life Aspect - an energy that is often referred to as Qi.

Qi, has many names.  In India it is called Prana.  In Japan it is called Ki.  In modern Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) it is called Plasma.  Its nature is electro-magnetic, and its force(s) are applied to all aspects of Universe large to small, distinct to diffuse.

Each of the four pillars listed above apply their varied tool and technique into this healing endeavor to balance and harmonize the electromagnetic field into a state of local equilibrium.  As this balance is reinstated and made locally manifest, all manner of biological and physiological phenomena will follow into harmonious and balanced accord.  It is an important premise for group consideration that we can not have a healthy ‘physical’ or biologocial system unless we have a balanced energetic system.  

It may be said that Medical Qigong is the most subtle of these four pillars.  Yet, this subtly formalizes the foundation for the other three.  The application and techniques of Medical Qigong do not require ‘practitioner’ and ‘receiver’ to be in the same physical space.  Medical Qigong treatment can be given ‘in-person’ or be applied ‘remotely’.  

Medical Qigong treatment is scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis.  Exercises (of various sorts) may be prescribed to accentuate and further improve the effectiveness of our collaborative endeavors.  Medical Qigong treatments focus on purifying and removing all obstacles, obstructions, and obscurations in local circulation.  These are powerful experiences and their short and long-term effect is in direct relation to our willingness to let go of that which no longer serves our highest potential.  

Please contact me directly for scheduling and for questions.  Medical Qigong is offered as an in-person service (locations vary depending on need and availability) and as a remote service.  ​

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