The Last Dance

The Last Dance

The Last Dance has two parts.  


Initially, a series of blessings and ceremonies in preparation for our return into sacred Space.  The focus of these ceremonies is the removal and resolution of any and all obstacles before we approach the gateless gate and make the leap back into Source.  The Last Dance can be used and applied at any time in our transitional process, but is often initiated in the final weeks leading up to our transition.  The sooner we start the process, the easier our transition may be.  

Additionally, The Last Dance includes a lengthy vigil (remote, 49 days) following our transition to support, direct, and unbind Awareness from any local patterns, thought-forms, and emotions which may serve to hinder and obstruct our return. 


Details, length, and duration of The Last Dance vary.  Please contact me directly to discuss details and scheduling.  Compensation via donation.



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