1 x Follow-up 'In-Person'  Treatment with Dr. James - 60-90 min.

1 x Follow-up 'In-Person' Treatment with Dr. James - 60-90 min.

Payment for one 'in-person' treatment with Dr. James Phillips DAOM, L.Ac.  Treatment duration often between 60-90 min (duration may be longer depending on the work and needs of the moment) and includes the use and appllication of a wide-range of tools including but not limited to (acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, electro-therapy, medical qigong, herbal/plant medicine, nutritional counseling, life coaching, spiritual training and meditation.

  • Guidelines

    This purchase can be given as a gift.  Just have the person you are buying this for get in touch with me via email and reference your name (and invoice number if possible).

    This purchase can be used at anytime and not necessarily during the month it was purchased.  Purchases of this item will be valid for 3 months before they expire.

    Unless otherwise already on my schedule, after purchase I will get in touch (via email or phone) to discuss scheduling.


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