Transcendent Intelligence

There is a First Source or Cosmic Central Sun. All dimensions lead to it. Whatever name we give to it: Higgs Field, Source Intelligence, Quantum Spirit, it issues from this Cosmic Central Sun as something we call Love and it dimensionally shifts universes via Its Intelligence. Yes, Love is powerfully intelligent. It is an intelligence that shines so bright that It is the Light we see in every dimension of Consciousness. Love, at this core frequency of Spirit, connects to our 'personal self' through our innermost, energetic heart. It passes in to us and through us at this juncture.

We need to only imagine and visualize this intelligence of Spirit coming into our body and passing through us to all who cross our path. When we do this, we have brought our mission to this place, our Earth. We have grafted an aspect of Heaven to an aspect of Humanity and Earth (天下,地上,人中). This is why we are here, this is our singular purpose in this place. Consider this as a life 'posture' or alignment. Can this posture be maintained through all activity and interaction? Through all manner of hardship and struggle? Through conflict and dissonance?

It may not sound complicated enough. This mission may even feel small and somewhat insignificant, given the grandeur of the cause. Perhaps we might feel that it’s not really using our full potential as a channel of the Divine impulse. This is a distortion in the local environment that is called 'you', Listen to our inner most heart and its intelligence. What does it feel when these words are read? Is there really anything else 'to do' but Love - fiercely, completely, fearlessly.

It is not complicated. It is simple and fundamental. As long as a system is stable, or at equilibrium, it’s difficult to change it, but as it shifts toward disequilibrium and descends into chaos then even a filament of coherent energy can bring it into a new structure—a new harmony. This applies equally to an 'individual' no matter if this 'individual' be a rock, a bird, a planet, or a Sun. Each of us can be a filament of coherent energy, radiant and alight in the local environment of our Awareness.

When woven together, these filaments constitute an energetic potency that draws and creates a shift of Earth and Humanity, empowering a landscape of enlightened activity and grace within which all can move and live and have their being.

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