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In an Electric Universe, X-rays in galaxies are created by electric fields.

If you knew what you will know when your candle has burnt low, it would greatly ease your plight while your candle still burns bright. ― Piet Hein

Astronomers report “strong winds” of X-rays “blowing” out of the core of Galaxy NGC 5055. Called “ultra-luminous X-ray sources” (ULX), they are points across the sky that emit more radiation than a million stars. They are also considered to be “mysterious”, because such violent stellar processes should tear the stars apart. So, black holes are invoked to “explain” the observation.

Discovered by Pierre Mechain in 1779, it is the 63rd entry into astronomer Charles Messier’s famous catalogue. M63 shines bright because of recently formed, blue–white giant stars, readily seen in the image above.

The source of NGC 5055’s emissions is said to be an “average sized” black hole accelerating “hot gas” around its event horizon. Standard Theory suggests that gas is heated by X-ray bursts from the black hole.

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