The Interface Zone

Student: I was meditating this morning and found myself distracted by the sounds of my fellow students. Is there a technique to block these distractions so I can concentrate better on my meditation?

Teacher: What do you hope to accomplish with this improved concentration?

Student: I’ll perform my meditations with greater clarity, and this in turn will result in deeper insights.

Teacher: I see. Does any of this deeper insight include the perception that the outer world is not a distraction to the inner world, but rather a catalyst for learning?

Student: So you’re saying that I shouldn’t worry about distractions when I perform my meditations?

Teacher: Isn’t worry the source of your distraction?

Student: I suppose it is. But if these distractions—

Teacher: They are not distractions. They are phenomena of the outer world—vibrations traveling in the ethers from sources you have no control over. That and nothing more.

Student: But these vibrations influence my mind and my ability to concentrate. Isn’t concentration a vital component of successful meditation?

Teacher: Again, what influences your mind is not external vibrations, but your reaction to them.

Student: So how do I change my reaction so I can be more successful in my meditations?

Teacher: Is this issue only relevant to your meditations?

Student: It’s during my mediations that I notice it the most.

Teacher: Do you notice the fear or stress that the external world brings you as well?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Isn’t this fear akin to a distraction?

Student: I suppose.

Teacher: Yet without it, wouldn’t you have the tendency to lapse into complacency?

Student: I don’t think so.

Teacher: Fear, and all the so-called negative emotions, can represent distractions, but they are catalysts and instigators of action just as well. Are they not?

Student: I see your point, but these distractions and fears are leading me away from my spiritual studies and cause me to behave in a manner not consistent with a spiritual person.

Teacher: And how does a spiritual person behave?

Student: They are poised and benevolent. They are tranquil in the face of distractions and fears. They exude peace and exemplify compassion. They express divine love to all.

Teacher: You have adequately described a mythological saint, but you have not described a spiritual person. Even in total darkness, a spiritual person can discover light. They are truth seekers and they wear the countenance of a thousand different personalities. They are not truth tellers. They are not truth expressers. They are not saints. They seek the truth above all else.

Student: My definition is a little idealistic, I’ll admit to that, but why is this important to the discussion around fear and distractions?

Teacher: Isn’t your concern related to your view of what constitutes a spiritual person’s behavior and your perceived shortcomings relative to that image?

Student: You’re suggesting that all of this can be traced to this fundamental misperception?

Teacher: Yes. It is a significant part of what energizes your reaction to fear and distractions. It is a form of self-judgment that defines your response to the external world. As you cling to the image and behavior of what you believe defines a spiritual person, so do you adjudicate your comparative performance, and in this regard, you will dependably fall short.

Student: But if I’m frustrated as a result of my idealistic image of how I think I should behave, are you suggesting I only need to temper my expectations and my frustration will end?

Teacher: Why should your frustrations come to an end? For what purpose do you choose to experience contentment and calm? Did you incarnate into this world for the purpose of composure and regal repose?

Student: I’m only saying that I desire to demonstrate spiritual values—of which peace and contentment—

Teacher: Spiritual values are as much about turmoil and stress as they are about peace and contentment. Spiritual values are not monotonic nor are they benign.

Student: But you speak like spiritual values are undefined and encompass… anything.

Teacher: You started this dialogue with the opinion that you were frustrated with external noise that prevented your successful practice of meditation. I pointed out to you that the issue was not noise or distraction, but your narrow perception of what behavior constitutes spiritual conduct and what does not.

Student: Yes, and I agree, but still spiritual behavior is not about anger, hatred, and greed. You agree with this much don’t you?

Teacher: If you define too narrowly what actions and activities constitute spiritual behavior, you will become not only a judge of yourself but all others as well. You unwittingly close down your interface zone.

Student: What is the interface zone?

Teacher: The interface zone is the aspect of your consciousness that interacts with the species with which you share a common biology. It is physically contained in your DNA, which acts as a node within a vast network that is ultimately connected to First Source.

Student: And what is this vast network?

Teacher: DNA is both a network within the individual body as well as a node within the species’ collective “body” or genetic mind. The human species is connected through this network, which is made possible through the DNA.

Student: So you’re saying that what happens inside me is transmitted to all other humans?

Teacher: The Interface Zone is like a computer on a network. You are not aware of the network unless you are interfacing with your computer. To access the network and retrieve and shared information, you must be present at your computer. Similarly, the Interface Zone requires that you bring your attention to it in order to access this network that spans the entire species.

Student: You’re saying that I can communicate with everyone who is human?

Teacher: The Interface Zone is the originator of language – all languages. Language is encoded into this aspect of the DNA and it bubbles to the surface of human expression. This means that the human DNA brings language to the species and receives language from the species. It is a doorway that opens in both directions.

Student: Are you saying that I can communicate with my fellow species—at the level of DNA—through words?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: This is a little hard to believe.

Teacher: Isn’t this what mantras and affirmations do within your body? Don’t these words and frequencies alter the core harmonics the various centers, channels, and points - cascading from the more refined aspects into the more dense?

Student: Yes, I believe that based on my experience, but you’re saying that these same words communicate beyond my body into the species at large. This is a hard concept to understand let alone believe.

Teacher: It does not automatically communicate to the DNA network anymore than your thoughts are automatically communicated to the computer network. On the computer network you must convert your thoughts to words and enter them via a keyboard into your computer, and then select the path to send your thoughts to the network.

Student: I understand how this applies to the computer network, but how does this work on the DNA network?

Teacher: The Interface Zone is the equivalent of a computer node and it requires software and activation in order to access the network.

Student: And what is the software and how do I activate it?

Teacher: You desire to know this before you desire to understand why you would want to have access to the DNA network?

Student: My curiosity leapt ahead of my logic. Can you tell me why I would want to establish an Interface Zone?

Teacher: The Interface Zone is the meeting place of the physical and energetic levels. It is the transport of language between the two vibratory worlds. It is the gateway from the individual to the species. It is highly relevant in most biological species, but humans have sealed this gateway through the expression of their individuality and the pursuits of their ego.

Student: You’re speaking of group consciousness… like ants and bees?

Teacher: Yes, but there are countless species that have this capacity and exercise it.

Student: If humans have sealed this gateway, there must be a reason.

Teacher: It is the act of polluting the genetic mind that has kept this gateway sealed.

Student: Polluting the genetic mind?

Teacher: Thoughts are the only real form of pollution to the human species. Beyond purely instinctual expression, thoughts assemble language and language assembles behavior. This behavior can be destructive to the genetic mind of the species and can place severe limitations on its capacity to discern the soul from the soul carrier or vehicle.

Student: So humans learn to identify with the soul carrier and not the soul?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: And who seals the gateway?

Teacher: Humans… subconsciously they know it is in their best interest to close this doorway in order to prevent irreversible damage to the genetic mind. Intuitively they know that a time will come when it will be reopened and the Interface Zone will once again be accessible to humanity.

Student: And how will it be unsealed?

Teacher: There are select individuals who will open this gateway for the purpose of transforming the genetic mind of the species. These individuals embody what is to come relative to the human species. In a sense, they are time travelers who bring the future of human capacities to the present-day. They transmit the future vision first, and then the tools to activate others.

Student: I still don’t feel I understand the purpose of all this.

Teacher: It is largely through the activation of the DNA network that humankind will discover the Grand Portal because access to the genetic mind is essential to this discovery, as is the extra-sensory communication between those destined to assemble the discovery’s component parts and piece together the seven-fold puzzle.

Student: How does one gain access to the Interface Zone?

Teacher: Do you want to know how to access it before you understand the effect this access will have on you?

Student: Again my impatience gets the best of me. I am interested in understanding what this access will mean to me. Please explain.

Teacher: The Interface Zone is the access point to activating the group consciousness of humanity. If humanity can operate as a collective consciousness, while its members remain anchored in the fullness of their individuality, humanity will be able to re-balance the earth and operate as co-creators of a new earth with influence that would extend to galactic levels.

Student: How? How does this all happen?

Teacher: The Interface Zone is an important component of the Grand Portal discovery and it will become known as the connecting element of the human species that unifies its genetic mind, and in this unification, unleashes its power and capability to create solutions to the natural challenges of planetary life.

Student: How does this relate to an individual like me?

Teacher: In choosing to consciously access the Interface Zone, you tap into the genetic mind with greater clarity. This results in more vivid thought processes and enhanced intuition. It also improves extra-sensory perceptions that enable remote healing and remote communication.

Student: What about the communication into the genetic mind? You mentioned that the doorway opens in both directions.

Teacher: This is a far more sensitive disclosure and one that I will not make until you have advanced further in your training. I think we can begin with the receptive mode before we investigate the transmit mode.

Student: How do I move into the receptive mode?

Teacher: It is through natural language. As I said, the Interface Zone operates within the constructs of language since it contains all language archetypes.

Student: Then what words do I speak?

Teacher: First, language is not necessarily constructed of words. It can be visual and it can be musical as well, consisting of tempo, frequency, modulation, etcetera.

Student: Which is more effective?

Teacher: The most effective is to begin with a clear conceptual picture of the Interface Zone and how it can be activated to be more receptive as a carrier wave of the genetic mind.

Student: How do I do this?

Teacher: Remember how I said the DNA could spontaneously configure wormhole-like structures?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: These structures are extra-sensory, and do not conform to three-dimensional constructs of spacetime. They rise and fall in their configurations in spontaneous reaction to a variety of stimuli.

Student: Like affirmations and mantras? The Ceremony of the Seven Rays?

Teacher: Yes. They are like programming pods, in one sense, because the individual can reprogram their cellular DNA in such a way that it enhances their intuition or access to the genetic mind.

Student: How is this done precisely?

Teacher: The imagery of the wormhole structure, its impermanence and spontaneity, the manner in which this occurs outside of three-dimensional spacetime structures, the way in which the energy exchange is reciprocal, the image of DNA as an inter-species network—all of these elements enhance your picture of the process.

Student: I have a conceptual picture of this, but it’s by no means clear.

Teacher: You cannot have a clear mental picture of something that operates outside of spacetime structures. However, if you compare the picture you have now with the one you had ten minutes ago, it is infinitely more precise, wouldn’t you agree?

Student: I suppose, since I didn’t have any picture before.

Teacher: Exactly.

Student: This conceptual picture—vague as it is—is sufficient for me to begin?

Teacher: No. You need to picture it in your mind’s eye and contemplate the wondrous mechanics of this process. How the DNA is like tendrils of an enormously complex organism that energetically lives outside of the human body, but also has three-dimensional counterparts that communicate, store, and process information that reside mostly in the intuitive structure of the body-heart-mind system.

Student: But is there some specific word or sound I need to make in order to activate or enhance my reception of the genetic mind?

Teacher: If you have a computer that is not connected to the network, what is required?

Student: A port or connection.

Teacher: And software?

Student: Yes, an interface of some kind.

Teacher: And you need a password.

Student: Sometimes.

Teacher: And why is a password required in some instances?

Student: Because the information is confidential or only meant to be accessible to certain individuals.

Teacher: So you can have a computer, a connection, and a software interface, and if you want to get the information you might need a password. What about the information that is available to everyone without a password. Is it useful?

Student: It could be.

Teacher: If everyone can get this information is it vital, potent, and catalytic?

Student: I suppose not.

Teacher: Why?

Student: Because it’s not protected.

Teacher: I see. So the most vital and potent information would be withheld from all people because it could not be protected from the unscrupulous individuals who would pervert and use this information improperly?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Imagine that everyone within the human species, independent of age or social status, had a computer. Each person could access their computer, but only some had a connection to the network. Of these, some had a software interface. Of this group, a small percentage had developed content to place on this network, and of these, a very small fraction had created content that could be defined as inspiring to those who ventured onto the network.

Now, a higher authority—let’s call it God—inserts information onto this network, but protects it with a password. Who do you think God will provide the password to?

Student: The group that developed the inspiring content and have access to the network.

Teacher: There is truth to this analogy and there is a gentle deception as well. God is not interested in protecting the truth about the DNA network. Humans do this themselves.

All people have the “password” as surely as they each can breathe, but most believe they are in the group who lacks a computer connection to the network, so they don’t even try to access the network. The small fraction that knows of this network, believes it to be password protected.

Student: But if we have the password, we don’t use it?

Teacher: We don’t know how.

Student: Why?

Teacher: As I said before, humanity has forgotten this capability because it is more interested in the exploration of the individual ego than the formation and evolution of the group consciousness.

Student: Can you tell me what this password is?

Teacher: You must have the conceptual picture and you must hold the following affirmation clearly in your mind and heart:

“I am forever connected to my brothers and sisters of all time and space.. I am one with all great Souls, one with them in service. What is known by them I can know. What is found by them I can find. What is to come from them I can be. There strength is mine, this strength I claim, my strength is theirs, this strength I freely give. As a soul I walk on earth. In all that I do may the mind of many hold sway over the mind of one.”

Student: This is the password?

Teacher: It is an encoded affirmation. It activates the Interface Zone within you. It stimulates the connection between you and the genetic mind of humanity.

Student: But the password is something else?

Teacher: You are looking for the key to turn the lock when you haven’t yet found the door. Be patient. All matters of the spirit are a process of interchange between the world of the body-heart-mind system and the inner dimensions of the soul.

The Interface Zone is the connecting bridge between you and the species. What you desire is to connect, not isolate. To step forward into the group consciousness, not judge its imperfection. To offer your talents to this consolidated being, not the God of your image.

The password is only a metaphor for accepting this basic attitude and allowing it authority in your heart of hearts and mind of minds. This attitude must hold primacy in your being.

Student: But doesn’t it already?

Teacher: By the very nature of your first statements in this dialogue, it does not.

Student: Why? What did I say that makes this so evident?

Teacher: You looked upon your fellow students as distractions to your study. Do you not remember?

Student: I see your point.

Teacher: The password is not a magic word or mantra or affirmation. It is the construction, over time, of an attitude that becomes intrinsic to your character. When you can cite the affirmation I gave you and know in your heart and mind that you have truly lived this for a period of months, perhaps years, you will have the transparent access to the genetic mind that you seek.

Student: Thank you for your insight. I understand what I came to learn this day. I have only one remaining question.

Teacher: What is your question?

Student: The affirmation says that whatever I do may the mind of many hold sway over the mind of one. Isn’t the mind of one a metaphor for First Source? And if this is the case, why should I place my trust upon the genetic mind instead of the ultimate Creator of all life?

Teacher: The mind of one is you. First Source is neither the mind of one nor the mind of many. It is the Mind of All… to the degree that First Source can be referred to as a mind.

Student: So the mind of many is a metaphor for the genetic mind of humanity?

Teacher: Yes. It is an ancient term that is encoded. Your DNA actually “hears” this affirmation, and the “wormholes” of connection spontaneously form as a result.

First Source and those concerned about the evolutionary path of humanity are encoding an aspect of the genetic mind to be a tool useful in the discovery of the Grand Portal. This particular affirmation is useful in accessing this specific part of the genetic mind. It is not resonant with all aspects of the genetic mind.

Student: I understand. Thank you.

Teacher: You are most welcome.

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