The Art of Stalking

Stalking is an intentional activity whereby the local aspect of Awareness activates a conscious perspective in the local environment which allows the direct observation of the various energies and conditioned forces at play within that local environ. This ‘local environ’ is often referred to as the ‘local self-structure.’

The Art of Stalking dissolves any illusion of an objective point of view and with mastery synthesizes all energetic phenomena into an integrated point of at-tension. It is a powerful technique and can precipitate an expansion of Consciousness often referred to as the First Initiation.

Externalizing mastery in this Art can ever be regarded as unbound creativity regardless of circumstance and is dimensionally manifest in the attitudes and behaviors of the local self-structure.

The Art of Stalking requires patience, courage, discipline, curiosity, humility and compassion.

The Art of Stalking begins with an internal inquiry:

As what am I identified as right now?

What are the characteristics and qualities of this identity?

What are the intentions of this identity?

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