Spiritual Values

Standing as we do for inner things, realize at the same time that our work must not interfere with 'others' of a different kind. Each aspect of Life plays their part, as they are able and with the equipment they are given. While steadfastly adhering to 'ours', condemn no 'other'. Remember that the lives of Universe are as a "net of jewels in which each Life aspect is only the reflection of all the others in a fantastic interrelated harmony without end." It is a very narrow path, not easy to tread. This path is dangerous, steep and thorny, filled with pitfalls and illusions that captivate and hypnotize with their glamour. This is the path of the master, the wizard, the white magician. Fall off the path and our labor will be fruitless; for this larger tolerance is a proof of insight – insight intellectual, as sympathy is insight of the heart. In other words, we must never lose our sense of proportion.

Remember that the inner world and life are not set over against the outer. The poor, tired earth, that has struggled for long ages in vain to reconcile these two, needs to learn the great truth at last! The inner world is within the outer, and like a lamp in a darkened house illuminates its chambers, shows its stairways and passages, the uses of its furniture, and turns the soul from an uneasy ghost, wandering helplessly through its gloom and mystery, into a happy tenant who finds cheer and warmth. To reach our home is not so truly a matter of going somewhere, as of bringing this light, this loving radiance into those places where we now abide - wherever they are, wherever they may be.

Perchance, when we see them thus illumined, we shall recognize them as mansions in the Father's house, and since those mansions are many, we may be sure that all temperaments, all characters are provided for with loving care. So there is room for all, and place for all, and no necessity that our rules or views should prevail, save in that narrow domain which we call 'self', where the Great Powers themselves bow to our laws, with infinite understanding and courtesy, demanding of us always the stature of our own ideals and the fixity of the stars in those courses our higher moments have prescribed.

With focus and discipline we attend to our own steps, indulgent and inclusive with all 'others'. We cultivate balance and harmony, wide-vision with a clear sense of distance and depth and height. Far-sighted, we keenly detect the fleck of any dissonance within, beholding as from a mountain top the molehill of 'another's sin'. Breathing the air of lofty altitudes, and bringing it with us as a breath of vast pureness (or pure vastness). Founded on principles such as these, our steps shall endure and, though we may never realize the extent of the accomplishment (better so!), future ages shall see it, and will light their fires at the torch we hold today.

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