Let's attempt something together, let's attempt a group re-alignment. To begin this endeavor we need to first eliminate some of the material which consumes a large portion of our collective focus and attention. Let's start with the big items that use a lot of bandwidth to maintain:

  1. You are not the actual center of the Universe, even though you may feel that this is the case. The Universe does not actually revolve around what you want, need or desire. Nor is it your right to receive whatever it is that you want, feel, or desire whenever it is that you feel you want it.

  2. It is very likely the case, that as you read this, you are confounded in an illusion of your own making. You have been hypnotized by reflective content and imprisoned in a dream of which you can not awaken.

  3. True safety and security are a group endeavor not an individual one. The larger the group the greater the integrity. Individuals have no power to protect themselves outside of their ability to contribute to the group in which they live and move and have their being. Autonomy is one of the greatest of lies.

Now, lets really set these in. We may read these three statements above and disbelieve them. Our inner sense of autonomy may declare that we know what we are about, that we are in control of our lives. Consider the following:

  1. Those with the 'good karma' of a 9th grade physics class were introduced to the idea that what we call our physical bodies are made up of something we refer to, in English, as atoms. Now 'atom' is just a word. A symbol pointing into the world of ideas. An atom might be defined as a relatively small, measured, unit of energy, vibrating and thus alive. Upon the atom is built, in layers of increasing density, the varied cells and tissues comprising our more dense physical reality. Yet there are a few items regarding this reality that we know to be true but are not incorporating into our collective view. What this means is we have knowledge in active circulation but we aren't paying attention to it due to the hypnosis (conditioning) that is affecting our collective view. These simple truths may be stated as follows:

  2. An atom never dies. It changes its state or frequency but, is by its nature, immortal.

  3. Atoms freely circulate within the greater atmosphere of Space in relation to their karma which is just a fancy way of referring to their state or magnetism in relation to their polarity and rate of spin. Conjoining and comprising, becoming and resolving into many varied bodies large and small, dense and refined, the atom lives eternally riding the wave (ripening its karma or neutralizing its polarity) in the great ebb and flow of the Cosmic Sea.

  4. All bodies, from bugs to trees, from birds to humans, from planets to stars are made up of the same atomic/energetic constituents though in different levels of refinement in relation to their frequency (this is often referred to as hierarchical sympathy). Atoms aggregate (in relation to their karma) to form 'bodies' and once any given body no longer has enough energy to maintain its coherence (a process referred as aging, but which is the result of fixation or attachment to a specific field of view) the aggregate is dispersed and the material enters once again into Cosmic circulation whereby it becomes part of new bodies, some large some small, some bright some dark. Yet in all cases, no matter what, the aggregate has purpose and will stay organized and coherent until the energetic scales are balanced, until the two (positive and negative; Yang and Yin) have finally and unilaterally returned to One.

With these thoughts in mind let's ask a few questions:

1. If our physical bodies are layered on top of the atom, and an atom never dies why then do we fear death? Consider what this fear does in our lives. Consider our daily attitudes and behaviors, especially in a time such as now. Are our attitudes and behaviors motivated by our innate fear of dying? Isn't this fear the result of us not examining, for ourselves, the true nature of our lives. This examination can be processed, to some degree, by each of us, as part of a greater group endeavor and based on what we already know. No new information is required at this time to resolve the inequity, the insanity of it.

2. Given that we know that our physical sense organs only receive information (ie our eyes can only receive - being sensitive to the energy of light, our ears can only receive - being sensitive to the energy and frequencies of what we call sound, etc) why do we continue to believe in a world that is 'out there' when what we perceive as/in the 'external environment' can only be the creation and interpretation of our own mentation and its capacity for intelligent and harmonious synthesis.

3. Being that each of our physical bodies is made up of immortal components, why do we 'worship' a God or Creator outside of the Divine Agent in and as our own hearts?

4. Why do we behave and speak as if the world were made up of distinct parts, of you and me, of this and that when our 9th grade physics class equipped us with the basic information to propose some truly ground breaking questions that ultimately unite the two back into the One.

The problem of our day is not so much to establish peace in the world, or to achieve peace as individuals, as it is the problem of making the conflict which 'seems' to break forth everywhere about us, creative and productive - to invoke our creative agency as souls. One way is to turn our focus from the conflict we perceive as happening outside our self to the real conflict that is happening in our own inner world - the only place it can truly exist. What we call 'individual humanity' are really just the cells that make up the body of what we call the human kingdom. This metaphor scales to looking at one human aspect and all the individual cells that comprise the local physical body as a functional and unified wholeness.

Each cell in a human body contains within it all the genetic information for each and every other cell and yet in the adult human body most of the cells are acting in a differentiated state and thus takes up a position as a specific type of cell, ie a nerve cell, muscle cell, etc. Consider what this means and the larger implications in this conversation regarding re-alignment. Each cell in our physical bodies has taken up a position in a differentiated state while at the same time containing all the information and potential to become any type of cell that is needed. The cell that is differentiated is in truth both, infinite and specific, local and non-local, immortal and finite. No matter if the cell (speaking holographically and hierarchically) has consciously realized this parallel perception or not, this simple truth remains.

Our creative agency as Soul is contained in this entreatment - look closely at the potential truths already circulating on the projection screen of our local mind and measure these truths against the conditioning being applied. Avoid being motivated by your fear of death and pain, recognize consciously your infinite nature and realize, right now, the true nature of the mind.

Allow me to share two magical invocations of great power to be used in the group process of re-alignment. Use them as indicated in the clear light of our own immortal hearts.

I am a point of light, within a greater light.

I am a point of love, in the stream of love divine.

I am a point of sacrificial fire, focused in fiery Will of Life.

And thus I stand.

And standing thus resolve to tread this Way,

this Way of Man

and know the Way of God.

And thus I stand.

AUM x 3

I am One with my group brothers and sisters and all that I have is theirs.

May my love as a soul pour forth into them.

May my strength as a soul lift and aid them.

May my thoughts as a soul reach, encourage, and inspire them.

I am One with all great souls, one with them in service.

What is known by them I can know,

What is found by them I can find,

What is to come from them I can be.

There strength is mine, this strength I claim.

My strength is theirs, and this strength I freely give.

As a soul I walk on Earth

As a soul I walk on Earth

As a soul I walk on Earth.

May our minds unite in clear light and be free.

May it be so.


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