What are all these illusions? What is the nature of the Great Illusion - otherwise known as the Illusion of Separation. Something that in the religions of the West is referred to as sin.

Lets take something, and work it out together - lets use 'temperature.'

Temperature is not a thing, there is no single thing called temperature. What we call temperature is a macroscopic illusion that naturally arises from the collective behavior, the quantum behavior, of various interactive 'units' or 'entities' comprising the substantive and elemental aspects in the Great Body of Space. Pause for a second and work this out.

When temperature is described as 'illusion' it ascribes the term to the phenomenological world, to the conceptual and discursive realms. Occultly speaking, this is what is meant by the term 'Fire by Friction.'

What I'm really saying when I use the word 'illusion' is that 'temperature' isn't an isolate, it isn't a singularity, it doesn't exist of itself. There is no way to accurately measure the temperature of a 'thing' because 'things' don't really exist, they have no substance in and of themselves. Not unlike the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water.

It can be perceived and while sensing it may precipitate a change in the local state,

a shift that we may experience as hot or cold, that change isn't local in its essence and seeking to bring regulation or to affect it locally is a type of insanity.

All I'm introducing with this is a supposition for group consideration. The 'change in local temperature' isn't a local phenomena, though it can be perceived locally. A change in state (which results from a conscious or unconscious group effort), resulting in a shift in temperature can only be the result of a shift in collective/group behavior and there is no border or membrane relegating or protecting the conditioned influence of the collective upon the hologram of a unit within that collective. This will hold true micro to macro, from a star to the local astrocytes in sympathy with that star(s).

The problem, of course, in adapting to this, is our local sense of egocentricity. We want to believe that we exist, when we don't. Like temperature, the idea of a local self is like a magical illusion and arises naturally as a result of the collective behavior. There are no truly individuated beings. 'Our thoughts' are really group thoughts. 'Our feelings' are really group feelings. 'Our desires' are really group desires. They are naturally occurring uprisings from the collective which includes bodies large and small within the Great Body of Space.

These naturally occurring uprising have some sympathy with the local elements that we call 'our self' and thus reflect that influence in all aspects of that hierarchical sympathy.

Simplified, from the Matrix - 'there is no spoon.'

Lets close with a quote from various sources, mutated and expanded, to aid us in adapting:

'Man is as a rope stretched between the animal and the Superhuman--a rope over an abyss.

A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting.

As much as we must strive for individual greatness and strive we must, for it won’t come of its own accord. We must also remember that there is no individual stronger than the group of which we are a vital part. The ties that bind us together make us stronger than we ever could be alone and they will make us impervious to the pain and the hardship that 'the separative world' will thrust upon the 'you.'

Believe. Life will be hard, it will be painful. We will pass through tears, through clouds and mists; we may suffer and we may die. We may bid adieu to all earth's friends and mount the Way alone. Remember, we bridge the gap with loving deeds done in the pain of living. Lift one hand aloft to whom standeth just above; then lean one down to those who standeth next below. The hands, thus freed from the transverse arms, are freed but to be held. Only the empty nail-marked hands can keep the chain complete.

We can accomplish anything when we take responsibility together, this is what creates trust.

Only together can we stand against the reign of evil and only together shall we forever seal the door where evil dwells.'


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