"There is naught but energy (or information), for Light/Sound (color/tone) is Life.  
Two energies (yin & yang, negative & positive) meet in Humanity, 
but another Five (fire, earth, air/metal, water, wood/space/ether) are present.  
For each is to be found a central point of contact (centers, channels & acupoints).  
The conflict of these energies with forces (the 8 primary hexagrams) 
and of forces twixt themselves (the 64 hexagrams) 
produce the bodily ills of the human vehicle.  
The conflict of the first and second persists for ages until the mountain top is reached
—the first great mountain top.  
The fight between the forces produces all disease, 
all ills and bodily pain which seek release in death.  
The two, the five and thus the seven (centers of force), 
plus that which they produce, possess the secret."  

This is the fifth Law of Healing within the world of form.

Thank you for visiting.  I'd like to take a moment to welcome you and ask you to be comfortable, here and now.  

For me, 'healing' is the search for truth and truth implies a point of view free of distortion, illusion and glamour.  It is in this way that healing often occurs as a de-conditioning process wherein we resolve and let go of the various energies and identities that inhibit and obstruct the evolution of our innate potential.  

A keyword in relation to healing, health and wellness is 'identity.'  Lets do something together - ask yourself as you read this, who are you right now?  What are the attributes and qualities of the identity that you are using?   

Consider the following - when we change how we are identified we also change all manifestations of said identity which include our conscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions, sensations, and all resulting aggregates of karmic 'physicality.'


Did you know that you can change your identity whenever you want?  Did you know you aren't bound to the one you've been using but the result of its use can be seen in the state of our form(s).  This is referred to as shifting the 'point of attention.' 

What would happen if you choose to be identified as:

the Light of All Awareness,

as Infinite Beauty,

as Divine Grace

as All-Inclusive Generous Love

as Limitless Light manifested everywhere. 

What if we focused on manifesting this identity in all our attitudes and behaviors?  Can we sense the changes that would naturally occur in our physicality, in our emotions and experiences, in the lower (thinking) aspect of mind.   

Our work together, this collaboration we'll call healing, is ultimately a process of

re-identification and a de-conditioning of the influences and energies that have crystallized into form.  This is what is meant by treating the root to affect the branches.  

From this perspective we can see many ways to influence and cultivate increased states of health, wellness, and vitality.  The tools used in Chinese Medicine provide several avenues upon which we can collaborate.  Some of the tools can directly influence physiological states, changing the way our 'bodies' work and function, encouraging homeostasis, engaging innate intelligence to balance and optimize.  Other tools work on aspects of awareness, encourage and develop our ability to concentrate, which then enhance perspective and enliven the spirit.  

Below is a short list of the commonly used tools and their principle of application:

~needles of various lengths and gauges focus and concentrate awareness;

~cups & scrapers apply suction and torsion to mobilize and resolve stasis and obscuration;

~mugwort/moxa's fiery nature opens, builds, strengthens and purifies;

~plants and natural substances assist in harmonizing the vertical and horizontal aspects;

~appropriate and conscious dietetics give clarity on how to build and maintain the physical vehicle or body (physically and emotionally speaking we become what we eat);

~meditation aligns form and spirit into a synthesis of color and tone.

This is the work we do.  It is done together.  It requires some focus, attention, and commitment.  It will very likely require change.  I am ready when you are.   

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