Health & Wellness Consulting with
Dr. James Phillips DAOM, L.Ac.

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Soul, Mind, Body

A life is a symphony of color and tone, resonant and alive in the great body of Space.  All states of dis-ease (and this is a platitude) are caused by lack of harmony.  Can we focus our mind?  Can we summon our power?

Traditional Chinese Medicine


An Ancient Science

In-person treatment provides a comprehensive application of tools & techniques (including but not limited to acupuncture, moxa therapy, cupping, gua sha, herbal medicine, medical qigong, nutritional consulting, as well as training in occult meditation) to balance and align all aspects of form & spirit.


Removal of obstacles and obscuration

We are all connected within the Great Body of Space.  The Quantum is an infinite field that serves to condition and influence the centers, channels and points of our local energy 'bodies.'  Medical Qigong treatments focus on purifying and removing all obstacles, obstructions, and obscurations in local circulation.  These are powerful experiences.  Their short and long-term effect is in direct relation to our willingness and capacity to let go.


Comprehensive Health & Wellness Consulting

Consulting on healing, health & wellness.  Consults can start with a general inquiry or be directed by current experience.  Each consult will use some combination of digital media communication (zoom, email, facetime, etc.) to discuss and examine the needs of the time and the best strategies/tools to use.

"Calmness means an equilibrium of tension. Unification of consciousness means, first of all, preservation of energy. This important principle is usually forgotten."  ~Heart 315

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